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Pet Physical Rehabilitation

To alleviate suffering and enhance healing in injured, ill, or post-surgical pets, the professionals of Pacific Animal Hospital offer physical rehabilitation services for your dog or cat.

Physical rehabilitation may be helpful to a pet recovering from a limb, joint, or soft tissue injury or suffering from a chronic problem such as arthritis. A pet recovering from a surgical procedure such as cruciate repair or hip replacement would certainly benefit from rehabilitative therapy, as well.

Pet physical rehabilitation includes a wide range of techniques, such as:

  •   Massage
  •   Cold Laser Therapy
  •   Hot and cold treatments
  •   Electro-stimulation
  •   Exercise regimes
  •   Home rehabilitation plans

These treatments are used to relax muscles, increase blood flow, reduce pain, stimulate muscles, and comfort the pet. A variety of exercises specific to each pet may also be used to strengthen the appropriate muscles and increase range of motion. For each pet receiving physical rehabilitation, we create a custom home rehabilitation plan to allow for more rapid healing and relief from pain.

Often physical rehabilitation is combined with alternative treatments such as acupuncture to enhance healing and help alleviate pain. Visit our acupuncture page for more about alternative treatments at Pacific Animal Hospital.

For many pet owners, physical rehabilitation for their dog or cat is a valuable option. Such treatments help reduce the need for drugs and may be safer and less costly for your pet than other treatments. Physical rehabilitation can be very beneficial for senior pets with chronic pain due to musculo-skeletal problems such as arthritis or hip dysplasia.

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